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Leaders: tooltip Leaders work with one or 2 other adults plus at least 2 young leaders in running their group of between 8 and 12 children.
Activities include: getting to know the children and helping them settle, sitting with the children during Altogether time, helping with craft and talking through with the Bible story

tooltip Young leaders will work with at least one other young leader and 2 adult leaders to support the running of their group of between 8 and 12 children


Please note that you can only sign up as a leader or as part of the support group
on any given day. You cannot do both on the same day.
Helpers: Young people, under 18, can only sign up to be junior leaders.
They cannot be part of the support team.

tooltip Early Birds is the group for the leaders' children before Holiday Club starts.
You will look after this group for approximately 45-50 minutes while the hall is prepared. The children are aged between 5 and 11.

tooltip Registering a child’s arrival, receiving payment and collection information plus providing group badge and any information sheets
tooltip Distributing craft items, serving mid-morning refreshments, greeting parents /carers at pick-up time, looking out for visitors
tooltip Looking out for visitors and children

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tooltip Family night is open to all families with children at Holiday Club and will be held in the early evening. It is a simple hot dog and salad supper plus delicious puds while having the opportunity to see what has been going on at Holiday Club. Help is needed with food preparation, as well as set up and serving on the night.

Early Bird Places

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