Filling in the child registration form

You need to fill in every section of the form before you click the 'Send' button.
When you get to the 2 sections about allergies, strong likes or dislikes, special needs or medication, please give brief details.
Please tell us if your child has special needs of any sort. The holiday club is not geared specifically to those with special needs, but we want to give as much support as possible to your child and we can only do this if you tell us what those needs are.
If you have filled in all the form fields, you will be redirected to a response page. If not, please fill in the missing entries.
Each child needs a separate registration form.
To register another child, return to the form from the response page. Please make sure you change the child's name, gender date of birth and school.
Payment is via PayPal. You will receive an automatic email followed by a confirmation email from Sheena.

Age range for Holiday Club

Children from age 5 to 11 can be registered. Children who have just completed year 6 can choose to be part of a group at Holiday Club or be a young leader.

Additional information about Holiday Club

For more information on registering your child, please click here.

Responsibility for your child:

You are responsible for your child until 10:00a.m.
If you are not collecting your child please ensure that you have handed in a signed collection slip stating who will be collecting your child before you leave your child in the morning.
At 13:00 please follow collection instructions displayed at the hall. Parents will come into the hall in groups of 6 to collect all their children. Once the children have left their group they are your responsibility.

Other information

Cost: £3/day/child or £10/4days/child payable on line or on your child’s first day.
If payment might prove difficult, please contact Email Holiday Club
What to wear: No precious clothes and comfortable footwear.
Packed lunch: free of nuts/nut products. Mid-morning refreshments are provided.
Family night: 29th August 18:00 – Family night is open to all families with children at holiday club and will be held in the early evening. It is a simple hot dog and salad supper plus delicious puds while having the opportunity to see what has been going on at Holiday club. Accurate attendance numbers are required so that we can cater for everyone.
Holiday Club service: Sunday September 1st 10.00 a.m. (venue to be decided) to celebrate all that has been happening at Holiday club.
Cancellations: If your plans change please let us know if you will not be using any places booked, even single days. We have a waiting list and could offer the place for the day to another child.
Any questions?: Please contact Sheena Pearson 01483 203220 or 07989021927: Email Holiday Club or write to Albury Vicarage, The Forge, The Street, Albury, Guildford, GU5 9AG