Space Trekkers

Holiday Club 2019 will run from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th August

This year the theme for the United Benefice Holiday Club is Space Trekkers
in celebration of 50 years since humans first set foot on the moon.
This will be linked to the life of St Peter and you will need to come along to find out how.
Holiday Club 2018
Priority Booking

Until August 1st booking priority will be given to children living, attending school or church within the area of the three parishes of Shere, Albury and Chilworth.
Children with no connections to this area may apply for places before August 1st but will not have a place confirmed until this date
After August 1st all applications to come to holiday club will be treated on a first come first served basis.
We would really encourage parents to book their children in to the 4 days of holiday club as there is a theme that runs throughout and they will get more out of holiday club if they come every day. If children are only booked in for a couple of days they may be preventing another child from being able to come for the whole week.